C-Suite Initiative

True Equity Starts at the top

The C-Suite Initiative combines the historical knowledge of the National Civil Rights Museum with the need for strategic and culturally relevant leadership that aims to eradicate racism in corporate America and increase the representation of Black, Indigenous, People of Color in senior leadership and C-Suite positions across industries. The C-Suite training guides and supports leaders in their organizational goal setting process to drive progress, effectiveness, and tangible outcomes. 


The training begins with an immersive guided interpretive tour experience that educates participants on the historical roots of racism, discrimination, and how this systemic problem persists in society today.


We use neuroscience to help corporate leaders understand how bias impacts brain functions and behaviors that impact racial inequity in corporate culture.


Through the evaluation of data and various case studies, this module trains corporate leaders to identify inequities that exist in the structures, policies, procedures, and processes of their organization.

The C-Suite Initiative combines the historical knowledge of the National Civil Rights Museum with the need for culturally relevant leadership on eradicating racism in Corporate America.

Mission: Increase representation of Black executives in senior leadership and C-suite positions across industries and corporations.

The C-Suite experience starts with a specially curated museum tour that sets the path for an engaging curriculum designed to heighten awareness of racial inequities.

Enlightening Presentations

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Deep Discussions

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IMportant Takeaways

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