Unpacking Racism for Action – ADVANCE Edition


The Unpacking Racism for Action alumni community is comprised of previous program participants committed to advocating for racial equity in their personal and professional lives. The ADVANCE Edition of Unpacking Racism functions as a community of practice for both URFA alumni and current program participants. Periodical workshops, talks, and other activities that extend beyond the standard IMPACT or CATALYZE learning experience are offered exclusively to this community through the ADVANCE Edition for ongoing learning and actionable outcomes.

alumni engagement survey

Are you interested in participating in ADVANCE Edition programming? Have you been involved in any notable activities since completing your Unpacking Racism for Action programming? Complete the Alumni Engagement Survey to help program staff learn more about your professional and civic involvement as well as how you would like to support the Unpacking Racism for Action program moving forward.

alumni advisory council

As a member of the Unpacking Racism for Action Alumni Advisory Council, you will support the development of dynamic ADVANCE Edition offerings, as well as provide strategic guidance to the Unpacking Racism for Action program. 

If you are interested in joining the Alumni Advisory Council, click below to complete an application! 

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