Congratulations to the Unpacking Racism for Action Spring 2024 IMPACT Cohort

The Corporate Equity Center is excited to announce the graduation of the Unpacking Racism for Action Spring 2024 IMPACT Cohort! Seventeen business and community leaders from across the Memphis metropolitan area participated in the seventh cohort of the IMPACT Edition training experience, which arms participants with tools and insights to address issues of racism within their respective communities and advocate for racial equity across society.

“I’m so inspired by every member of this cohort. This group represents such a wide cross section of the Memphis corporate, nonprofit, and education sectors and everyone fully committed to the experience as they endeavor to confront issues of racism and advance equity in their life, world, and affairs.” said Arlinda Fair Cathey, DEI Programs and Community Engagement Program Manager at the National Civil Rights Museum.

The Spring 2024 IMPACT Edition training experience challenged participants to explore a myriad of topics that will help them develop a greater awareness and understanding of how bias contributes to discriminatory behaviors, policies, and structures that negatively impact the experiences of historically excluded communities. Various session topics include identity formation, the history of racism in America, the social construction of “whiteness,” as well as racism beyond black and white. To culminate the six-session experience, cohort members are challenged to develop their own plan to advance antiracism and racial equity in their everyday lives.

“This cohort was a phenomenal way to connect and share ideas with professionals with a passion for change. The workshops and instructor-led sessions helped navigate the cohort’s conversation and help equip us to truly understanding the ripple effects that have plagued black and brown communities over the last several hundred years. The information was not only valuable but life altering regarding my intentions to be the change I want to see.” said Marcus Culp, Spring 2024 cohort member and City of Memphis employee.

Please join us in congratulating our Spring 2024 IMPACT Edition graduates:

Carleythia Anderson
Eunice Buffington
Marcus Culp
Melody Freeman
Gracie Kent
Amy Malaki
Renisha Mayes
Brooke Sarden
Gremesha Session
Bridget Sisney
Kayla J. Smith-Hardy
Brenda Taylor
Mary Tickle
Anasa Troutman
Schanaque Walker
Anecia Washington
Latetrica Wilson

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Founded in 1991, the National Civil Rights Museum honors and preserves the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., chronicling the American Civil Rights Movement, and serving as a catalyst to inspire action and create positive social change.
The Corporate Equity Center at the National Civil Rights Museum promotes corporate social responsibility and equity through the dynamic use of the museum’s historical knowledge and assets. We deliver strategic programming that is designed to transform corporate environments, providing individuals with a sense of psychological safety, value, and the ability to thrive regardless of their background or identity.

The Corporate Equity Center houses two signature professional development offerings,
The C-Suite Initiative and Unpacking Racism for Action. Through a thorough historical, psychological, and analytical assessment of the barriers and limitations that negatively impact the advancement of black, indigenous, people of color in senior leadership and C-Suite positions, the C-Suite Initiative arms leaders with the tools needed to transform organizational structures, policies, procedures, and culture for greater effectiveness and equitable outcomes. The Unpacking Racism for Action program empowers organizational leaders, career professionals, and community members to become agents for change in the workplace, their community, and their personal lives by confronting issues of racism and advocating for racial equity.

At the National Civil Rights Museum, we believe that individuals and organizations play a pivotal role in shaping a more just and equitable society. I invite you to embark on this journey with us as we explore innovative strategies and best practices to drive positive change throughout the corporate sector and our respective communities.  

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Veda Ajamu

Chief DEI Programs & Community Engagement Officer

National Civil Rights Museum Corporate Equity Center 


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