Unpacking Racism for Action – IMPACT Edition

Program Overview & Structure

The IMPACT Edition of Unpacking Racism for Action educates community members, career professionals, and organizational leaders on implicit bias and systemic racism, providing them with the necessary tools and training to address issues of racism within their community and advocate for racial equity throughout society.  

The IMPACT Edition is offered twice a year for in-person participants with fall and spring semesters. Each semester is comprised of six evening sessions (6:00 PM – 8:30 PM) that are delivered over the course of 3 months. Discussion topics include:  

  • Identity Formation, Intersectionality, & Cultural Identity
  • The History of Race in the United States
  • Race, Power, and Privilege
  • Structural and Institutional Racism 
  • Challenging Implicit Bias and Microaggressions
  • Social Construction of Whiteness
  • The Impacts of Anti-Blackness Nationally & Globally
  • Racism Beyond Black and White
  • Advancing Antiracism & Racial Equity in Our Daily Lives

Applications for fall 2024 virtual cohort

Great news! The Unpacking Racism for Action IMPACT Edition is going virtual this fall! Applications for the Fall 2024 virtual IMPACT Edition will be accepted starting August 1, 2024. Check back this summer for details on how to apply!

informational webinars

Join an upcoming informational webinar to learn more about the Unpacking Racism for Action IMPACT Edition program. Informational webinars for the Fall 2024 Virtual IMPACT cohort will take place in August 2024. Check back soon for webinar registration details. 

Who Should apply

Each cohort is comprised of a diverse group of 20-30 individuals committed to using their skills, experience, and insights to positively contribute to the cohort learning environment and become changemakers within their community. As a community-wide program, we welcome applicants from all backgrounds, education levels, industries, and sectors.

Ready to Apply?

Click below to learn how you can apply for the next Unpacking Racism for Action IMPACT Edition cohort. 

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